"Could You Use An Extra £16,000 Un-Taxable CASH Each Year?"

"I have been making good money year in, year out, for just one hours 'work' per week. I would like to share my secret with you..."

Dear Friend,

Would you be interested in a way of generating £1,300.00 extra cash each and every month?

Let me explain. I do not advertise this system to everyone. This system is only available to my most valued clients delivered by instant download so you can start today.

Supposing this cash was also un-taxable? Wouldn't that be a bonus? What would you be prepared to do for £1300 in £20 notes, right in your hand each month?

How does one hour of easy work every week sound? I know what you're thinking; I couldn't believe it either when I was told about it five years ago.

This is the one and only system you will ever need

I want you to read this letter through to the end. In return, I promise that I will tell you how to make regular monthly cash. I won't be hinting. I won't be offering tantalising glimpses of what the method might be - I'll actually tell you the details so that you can decide whether or not to use it for yourself.


Over a 3 week period this method made me a profit of £1,962.50 – not bad for just 3 weeks of betting!!

Covering all codes of racing, this system has been based on The Sun, although any newspaper can be used or websites that have free race cards, such as the Racing Post or Sporting Life Websites.

The system covers handicaps only, it is very simple to understand and operate. This should only take you a few minutes each day to find the selections.

The results for the first 3 weeks of January 2016 backing all selections each way are as follows:

32 Bets of which 15 won

13 lost and 4 were non-runners.

The total profit was 39.25 points, which at £50 a point equates to £1, 962.50 not bad for just 3 weeks of betting and I am fully expecting to clear £40,000 in 2016 using this secret formula for spotting handicap winners


Do You Qualify?

In a while, I am going to ask you a 'qualifying' question. If you answer wrong, then this system of cash-generation is probably not for you. If you answer right, then you are perfect for this.

A good professional gambling friend told me about this method a few years ago. My first reaction was; "Come off it! You can't make money like that - it's just not possible. " Then he showed me his statements and meticulous records going back several years. Sure enough, there was the money. Sometimes it was £14,000.00, sometimes £6,000.00.

There was one good year when he made £18,000.00 cash, and one terrible year when he only made £4,000.00 cash. It averaged out at around £16,000.00 per year.

Then he told me the clincher: The Inland Revenue knew about the cash, but didn't want a penny in tax - then, or ever!

That got my attention. And when he said cash, he meant exactly that. Bundles of £20 notes! He showed me the thickest wedge of money I have ever seen, and that was just 'handy' money. He'd banked the rest.

After closely questioning my friend for many hours over several evenings I adopted the method myself, but not before I had contacted an independent third party to verify the results. I openly admit at the time I was the most skeptical gambler you could meet, that I had been trying to find the catch.

You are simply paying for top-notch quality of information here -
Not 'Get Rich Quick'

Now let me say something immediately about this system. It is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme. I have tried dozens of those over the years. I've bought at least twenty manuals telling me how to run various schemes and fantasies. None of them worked. They were all a waste of money. They all promised I would get rich by using their method. I should have known better. They promised £1 million and other crazy figures like £50,000.00 every month. Bonkers! But my greed and curiosity got the better of me, and so I kept buying manuals. I guess the only people who made money were the writers of those manuals.

Using my method, you will not 'Get Rich Quick' - I guarantee that (as the other manuals say!) in fact, it is extremely difficult to make more than £20,000.00 maximum every year. In five years of doing this, I have never made more than £17,000.00 cash in any one year - that was my best year. That's why I say £16,000.00.

This is easy. Anyone can do this if they follow my system to the letter. But more than this, regularly?  I've never managed it, and don't know anyone who has. Yes, you could make a million out of this - if you are prepared to wait a hundred years, that is! If you're after a million or two, then this system is not for you so keep buying the manuals. But...

If you want an extra £1300 cash each month, then this is your answer

Believe me; this cash has come in very handy. I am a successful full time professional gambler so the extra £325 cash every week was just 'bunce' to me. I used it to add quality to my life. All those little extras which I could never afford before. Decent clothes, a great holiday, a better car. No, I do not drive a Rolls Royce. Only manual writers get photographed next to 'their' Rollers - if you believe that! Let me be clear, £16,000.00 doesn't buy a lot these days, but it certainly takes the edge off life and allows you to have a lot more fun. I would say it allowed me to stop pay for all those little everyday expenses.

It doesn't sound much, but believe me; it makes all the difference in the world. Anyway, I always have a wallet stuffed full of cash, so at least I feel rich!

Just before I tell you what my method is, could please, please ask you not to make the mistake I nearly made. The bottom-line is, I was a smart-ass who thought he knew it all. That bit of arrogance nearly caused me to miss out on this little earner. If my friend hadn't been persuasive, I would have left it there and then, smug in the knowledge that he was a fool, and I was the clever one. How wrong I would have been.

So leave all your prejudices behind for a moment. Keep your mind wide, wide open, and let me lay the secret on you. It is a method of betting on horses – and winning much more often than you lose.

Your opportunity is NOW and it is handed to you on a silver platter

Are you thinking exactly like I was all those years ago? "No chance!", "Mug's game." "Odds are stacked against you." "It's a way to lose everything you own!" Are all those tired cliches crowding your mind, like they did with me? Do you have the humility to admit, like I did, that really you know nothing about professional gambling and the most you have ever had is a few mug-punter 'flutters'? If you can get over this first hurdle - admitting your ignorance - then you are on your way to £16K a year in cash.

Let me dispel any strange notions you might have (like I did) about professional gambling:

Do you know a lot about horse-racing, study form and follow the racing seasons? No? Great.

Then you are perfect for this system. The less you know about horse-racing, the better. In fact, if you just obeyed my instructions like an emotionless robot that would be just perfect.


The system I operate successfully requires you to place bets under instructions (you don't even have to study form). The odds on these bets are carefully calculated (not by you) to ensure that statistically you win far more than you lose. That's it. I'll tell you more details in a moment.

Next, I have to admit to being a bit of a snob. The idea of sitting around in a bookies' shops with loads of cloth-cap wearing, roll-up smoking, dole-claimants filled me with dread.

If you feel like this, let me put you at ease. All bets are placed on the internet if you don't want to visit a betting shop (actually, they're not too bad nowadays!). So the 'work' I referred to is simply a few clicks of the mouse every week to place your wager. There is nothing more to do apart from collecting your winnings.You can even do this the evening before work and check the results the next day when you get home.

Start For Very Little Money

My next objection was money. (It's amazing how I was attacking this 'gift on a plate' with objection after objection! But I had years of skepticism to overcome.)

Does this cost a lot to get started? Answer? No. You will need about £200 to set yourself up in this business. That's just a couple of days of average profits!

If £200 is an 'impossible dream' for you financially, then let me give you a free gift, here and now. Abandon all thoughts of making money, getting rich and making it big-time. Do not buy any more manuals or schemes. Your only alternative is to work in a normal job until you have saved a little towards your freedom. There is no business, no idea, no scheme you can test for less than this one. Typically, even a simple idea costs over £5000.00 to try out properly. This one costs far less.

More importantly, this works (because it is not a get rich quick scheme) the others don’t.

Being an intelligent bloke, the next objection which sprang to mind was something like this: "surely the odds are always stacked in favour of the bookies. You can't win, long-term."


Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the simple truth. Hundreds of people (myself included) make a modest living from the horses, but we are truly insignificant compared to the tidal-wave of mug-money which smashes into the bookies every year - they can hardly bank it fast enough. Also, the odds are not always stacked in favour of the bookies. Far from it.

I place bets only when the odds are in my favour, and that's the only way you can make money long-term.

At the start of this letter I told you about a question I would ask. If you get the right answer to this question, then you are perfectly suited for this business' Here is the question:

Supposing I weighted a coin slightly so that it came down 51 times HEADS and only 49 times TAILS on average for every one hundred spins. [Normally it would be 50:50, of course.] Now let's make a bet. If HEADS comes up, you win £20.

If TAILS comes up you lose £20. Would you bet £20 a time on HEADS, spin after spin after spin, no matter how many losing TAILS you accumulated? Supposing you had a 'bad luck' run of 100 TAILS in a row, losing you £2000.00. Would you stick with heads, or would you change to tails because that seemed to be hot at the moment?

Think carefully about it before reading the answer...

The correct answer is this: You would bet on HEADS spin after spin after spin - until the end of time if the fools would let you. This is the easiest and simplest money you would ever make. You would also beg them to let you increase your bet to £100 a spin or even £1000 a spin! If you had a 'bad luck, run of TAILS, you would snap your fingers in their faces if they suggested you change your bet. You would not bet on TAILS once - not ever. Not one single time. This would be a losing bet. A truly mug-punter bet.

Why? Because statistics (the odds) are in your favour in the long run. Over a period of time, you will make money - absolutely guaranteed. The longer the period of time, the more money you will make.

And this is how my system (and all pro-gambling) works. If you can bet on races (and only those races) with the odds slightly in your favour, time after time, then statistically, you will win. Not a fortune, but around £16,000.00 cash every year. Gaming wins are not taxable, so that’s tax-free cash!

Could I suggest two questions which might be in your mind? The answer is the same for both.

"If the system works so well, why can't you just double-up or triple-up on your bets and make millions? Also, if it's such a sure-fire thing, how come you’re willing to share it? "

Here is the answer, and if you ask any serious gambler, he or she will confirm the truth of what I am about to say.

They Don't Want You To Win!

Bookies do not like, or want, consistent winners. They only want .mug-money'. Pro-gamblers are a pain because they keep winning. So what happens is this: as soon as you get a reputation for consistently winning, that book-maker will close you down.

You’ll go to place a bet, and they won’t accept it, or they’ll offer you stupid odds. This means you have to use another book-maker. Eventually they close you down too. Then you start on the Internet and going around the betting shops - sometimes in disguise! (yes, I've done that many times). It becomes a cat and mouse game if you try to push it higher than about £16,000.00 a year. At or below this level, it's quite easy.

When I found out how easy it was to make £1300/month at this, I thought I had my ticket to riches. I piled on bet after bet - and got 'closed down' by the major bookies in ten seconds flat! I wandered around distant betting shops and even got friends to place bets for me, but the people who run those shops have photographic memories. After collecting about the third wedge from each shop, they would close me down too!

[True story: I won £1,200.00 at one shop I had never visited before. I gave it a wide berth for three months, then I placed another bet there. It won me £430. When I collected the winnings, the man said: "You're the guy who won £1,200.00 on at the 2:30 at Epsom a few months ago." I was staggered! Can you imagine how many bets he'd seen and taken since that day I won?]

Bottom-line? If £16,000 is pretty easy. Anything more is a real strain due to the difficulty of getting your money on the horse. Now tell me the odds are always in favour of the bookies! Oh yeah? Try getting them to take your money!

Here’s how to start right away - You Can Do This Too!

To answer the second part of the question. The real purpose of this letter is to sell you my winning racing system ……….. The entire method costs £397 £67.77 I intend to sell 100 of these only.


It would take me years to earn that through my own system. I am not selling this course out of altruism, to 'help' you. I am not doing it because: I made my pile years ago, and now want to help others ". That's bullshit. I haven't made my pile yet! I’m doing this for the money plain and simple. I've got the inside information on a superb system of cash-generation. It works. It works consistently, year in, year out, but you need the exact method. You also need the discipline to follow the method - to the letter. Even if your instincts are screaming out to change your bet (like with the coin) you stick with the system, through thick and thin. Can you do this? Do you have what it takes?

That's as clear and honest an answer as I can give.

 Now a quick word about 'luck'.

There is no such thing as good or bad luck, as such and you'd better start believing it if you want that cash! Luck is-nothing more than statistics in action.

Over the period of a human lifetime, good and bad luck tend to even out, leaving a net effect of zero. You'll find £100 one day, and lose £100 three years later. That's the way it goes. You cannot make money relying on 'luck' by playing games of pure chance. Examples of such games are fruit machines, the lottery, premium bonds and roulette. No pro-gambler would soil his hands with these mug games because you cannot win, long-term. Pro-gamblers stick to games with the odds slightly in their favour. Two examples are horse-racing and futures trading.

Are you a gambler by nature? Do you play fruit machines in pubs, bingo on holiday and visit casinos? Yes? This is bad news. You don’t do these things? That’s Great.

Normal gamblers (known as losers) bet on hunches, whims, mystical 'feelings' and 'dead certs'. They switch their bets because of the shape of tea-leaves in a cup, or their horoscope for the day. Bad, bad, bad. To get this cash you must be strong- willed and cold as ice - just bet exactly as you are told to bet. You must eradicate all feelings, whims and desires from your gambling (do what you like in your private life!).

This Is a Great Chance

I have given you enough to decide if this is for you. I got into this system through a close punting friend. He kindly spent about ten hours with me (over several evenings) talking me through the method, showing me examples and guiding me until I got the idea. Ideally I should do this one-to-one with you, but the next best thing is an easy to follow step by step system costs £397 £67.77 - that's just the price of a few beers each month. You receive the whole system in one package and it will never need updating. The system gets you going straight away. My intention is that you should pay for the system out of your first few weeks winnings, so it costs you nothing. This way, the risk to you is tiny, almost insignificant.

The course teaches you everything you need to know to operate this system, assuming absolutely zero prior knowledge of racing or gambling. You need to know that a horse has four legs, a head and tail, but after that, I assume nothing!

Anyone Can Do This!

The system is easy to read, and teach you the secrets in a step-by-step method. You can be any age (over eighteen) to operate this system. Old or young, male or female, active or disabled. That's the great thing about it! Anyone can do it. You don't need special intelligence or abilities.

Everything is explained in the system down to the smallest detail.

My details are also available (given to you when you join) if you have any questions about the system. Of course, you can prove the system works before you place a penny on a horse. Just 'dry' bet. That means put monopoly money (pretend) on your horse and keep a log of wins -v- losses.

Believe me; you’ll soon be putting real money on when you see the results. Start small, build up confidence, get bigger. That's what I did. My first bet was just £5. (The horse lost, by the way but I knew how the system worked and kept on placing small regular bets according to instructions. The rest is history.)

If you don’t like the system for any reason and at any time, you can simply send the system back without penalty and owe nothing with my unique Lifetime Guarantee!


“Why do our Competitors Guarantee their Systems for only 30 days? Do they know something about their methods that they are not telling you?”

I’m confident you’ll be delighted with the "The Magic of Winning Big System". But what if you don’t like the system? Simple: just return your system and we’ll refund your payment without any questions whatsoever!


Why not start to make a difference to your life? Try something new and exciting. (I haven't even mentioned the buzz you get when your horse comes in!) Life is a bit drab nowadays and this will certainly liven things up! Why not give it a try? The risk is next to nothing, and the potential rewards are that extra £1,300 a month. Sign up NOW, today, before the moment passes and you forget. This is a unique chance'

P.S It really is possible to make extra £1300/month cash with this system.

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